There is nothing quite like the freedom offered by getting on your own boat and sailing off for adventure. While staying in waters close to home might seem sensible, plenty of people want to see where the winds take them. Unfortunately, this can create problems with insurance coverage. If you find yourself in Mexican waters, then you absolutely want to be sure you have an insurance policy that meets the standards of Mexico. Review these tips to learn more about your options.

Staying Safe No Matter Where You Go

A standard liability policy is necessary for anyone who is looking to operate a vessel on open waters. However, Americans are only covered while in US waters. If you happen to sail to Mexico, you need to have a separate policy for Mexican boat insurance. This needs to happen in advance, or else you run the risk of being in a major legal and financial bind in the event of an accident that happens on Mexican waters. When taking out a policy like this, be sure to have the following information handy: 

  • Information on the boat’s age, make, model, and size
  • Classification of vessel
  • Registration information 

Enjoy the Open Sea

To truly enjoy your time on the open sea, you need to feel a sense of confidence in your insurance plan. Take time to review your liability options for domestic and international travel and see what steps you need to take to improve your security.

What You Should Know About Mexican Liability Boat Insurance