In the trucking business, you have a lot of responsibilities. To protect your investments, you need insurance coverage. Here is how to shop for cargo insurance.

How to Assess Your Risks

Cargo insurance should be customized to your operation. There are a lot of risks to your cargo when it’s in transport. The risk to your cargo could include:

When you think about your cargo, you need to think about the most common risks that you face. For instance, as a trucker, you do not need to worry about the cargo coverages that ships or planes may require.

How to Assess Costs

When purchasing any insurance policy, you have to consider the costs. You don’t want to pay too much but at the same time, you don’t want to pay too little. After all, if your cargo becomes damaged in transport and you don’t have full coverage, it could be financially devastating.

Tell the insurer about the types of goods that you ship. In addition to the cargo costs, you have to consider landing charges, freight and duty. When you don’t have your value, the insurance may apply an average cost to your loss.

Every trucker needs to have cargo insurance. Without cargo insurance, if something happens during transport, you could be responsible for the entire loss.

Western TruckHow to Shop for Insurance for Truck Cargo
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