Owning a business comes with many responsibilities, one of which is pollution risk management. While the specific risks you are trying to mitigate vary greatly by industry and location, here are some general ways that a company can become more environmentally friendly. 

Individual Steps

Companies can encourage their employees to take these five easy steps to mitigate their contribution to pollution:

  • Limit the use of plastic by purchasing a reusable water bottle and cup for coffee or tea.
  • Only travel when necessary and consider video conferencing and virtual webinars when feasible.
  • Buy eco-friendly office supplies such as LED lights, bamboo pens and 100% recycled paper, or better yet refrain from printing emails and other documents unless necessary.
  • Unplug large electronics such as printers, copiers and fax machines at the end of each workday. 
  • If possible, bike, carpool or use public transportation to and from the office each day or a couple of days each week.

Group Efforts

Many offices are developing teams of eco-minded employees to brainstorm and implement long-term green goals for the office, as well as encourage other employees to engage in more environmentally friendly practices.

No matter if your company is small or large, a few employees can make a big difference for the business, the local community and the planet. 

Ways Your Business Can Manage Pollution