If more than 20 people use your bathroom each day, then you probably own a commercial septic system. These facilities, along with commercial water wells, have the benefit of providing for large gatherings, but require greater risk management. Here are some types of insurance for commercial wells and septic systems to consider.

Liability Coverage

General and professional liability coverages protect you in case someone from the general public is injured on your property or as a direct result of your well or septic system. Completed operations liability additionally covers contaminants in drinking water, and pollution liability takes care of hazardous waste removal. 

Boiler and Machinery Insurance

Boiler and machinery insurance is a specialized type of professional equipment insurance that covers the expenses that ensue when specialized machinery related to commercial wells and septic systems breaks down. Besides just the boiler, a policy usually covers all related equipment, including electronic devices such as computers. 

Being responsible for a large water works or even a business’s septic system for employees involves researching the financial risks involved and doing what you can to mitigate them. Purchasing various types of insurance is the best way to ensure that a facility intended to create convenience does not end up causing financial disaster for your company.

Types of Insurance for Commercial Wells and Septic Systems