If you drive a car, having auto insurance is an important necessity for your security and well being, and in some states, it may even be mandatory. However, no two drivers are alike, and if you want your insurance to reflect your driving record and everyday needs, you might consider getting personalized auto insurance.

Assess Your Individual Risk Profile

To start personalizing coverage, understanding your risk profile and how insurers view you as a driver is key. Several factors come into play here, but some common exposures encompass:

  • Your past driving record and level of experience
  • The age of your car and how often you drive it
  • The total number of people who drive in your household

If you’ve had past accidents, for example, you may need more liability coverage. On the other hand, factors like owning a rarely used car or never having had an accident can qualify you for special deals or discounts.

Consider Which Sections Matter Most to You

Your auto insurance policy is broken down into several sections, including collision coverage, liability insurance, medical reimbursement and possible medical coverage. It may be helpful to focus your customization efforts on the sections that matter the most to you.

Your driving record and what you want out of a policy aren’t generic, and personalizing your auto insurance can help reflect that. When shopping around for personalized auto insurance, try out these tips to help tailor your coverage.

Helpful Tips for Personalizing Your Auto Insurance Policy
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